March 25, 2013

Bed and Bath

The downstairs comes to an end with a bedroom and a small bathroom. 

We are thinking this will be the master bedroom. 
The wall as you enter the bedroom. (View of side lot.)

Side wall.

Closet. This wall connects to the bath. Also the doorway is on this side.
Floors in the bedroom.

Now, we come to the tiny bathroom. It's in very poor condition. We found out the floor had rotted so we will be replacing it. Also, we are wanting to expand it.

Shower/tub combo

Yes, the tub is filthy. BUT it is an original cast iron tub, those are not common anymore so that's kind of cool.

Bare minimum with light fixture and mirror. You can see this is one of the few rooms with  a three pronge outlet.

Built in shelf that runs from above the toilet, above the sink, and to the opposite wall.

(We were testing the plumbing here.)
I'm pretty sure that this faucet and sink are
original to the house as well.

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