March 23, 2018


Tomorrow, Oscar is turning three! It's a moment I knew was coming, I just didn't realize it be here this soon. I know every parent says that, but time seems to move at a peculiar pace when you have children-- both fast and slow. Minutes can seem like hours when you are sleep deprived, but months can feel as if you've blinked, and they've passed you by.

So, here I am looking into the eyes of a three year old, who hasn't changed dramatically, but just enough to see that he is, in fact, a year older.

He no longer needs his "boo boo". He no longer wears diapers (but pull ups are still a thing). He asks more questions than I can seem to answer. He is a caring and protective big brother. He dresses himself, feeds our dog, and can put his dishes in the sink (if they're plastic). He can sing songs and create his very own. He's imaginative, creative, resourceful, and inventive. He knows what he likes, what he wants, and is tremendously vocal about it.

But he still has his full cheeks. He still says "ky", "teps" and "cared" instead of "sky", "steps" and "scared". He still needs me to hold him. As much as he talks, he sometimes "can't say the right words."

Anyone who knows Oscar knows he loves superheroes. In fact, he changes his identity almost every five minutes. He's Batman. He's a Ninja Turtle. He's Superman. He's the Flash. (I'm the Flash. Got speed. That's the theme song he created.) He's Clark Kent. He knows the Justice "Leg" by name even if he struggles pronouncing their team name, and he knows most every hero's secret identity.

So this year, we took him to "the city" (our town square) and let him run around in costume. He had a good time, even though it was a bit too chilly to be ALL the heroes.

Happy 3rd Birthday to my little superhero!